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  1. Disappointment We all make plans, have dreams, and set goals. Will our... to engage in a series of celebrations interspersed with a series of disappointments . Because of this, it is important to learn how to deal with disappointment . The word disappointment ...

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  2. 大意是「花了這麼多的精力和金錢在旅行上,一般(傳統上)創建企業碰到的一些小問題,有時竟是難以承受的重。」 disappointment 似乎應加 s 以複數表述。 2011-07-28 14:02:44 補充: 謝謝 Jim 大師美言。

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  3. Extraordinary disappointment of New Year of this year, rain every day , can not is it play...! Let me celebrate the New Year to this year disappointment very much let

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  4. great disappointment 2009-03-08 20:46:00 補充: 那你可以給整個句子嗎? ^ ^因為你只有給我們單純...補充: 或是 讓我大失所望的是,你竟然考試不及格。 To my great disappointment , you failed in the exam. 2009-03-08 20:51:46 補充: 上面兩句雖然一句...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年03月18日

  5. disappointment kill the romance ! 如果你這一句 * 不是不愛 是失望* 是要寫給外國人看的,他必定可以深刻感受到你現在想表達的 心情!!

  6. ... opinion是介系詞片語當作副詞片語使用) 你的問題To my disappointment , I heard that he did not come.就是一個分離的用法。 (...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年07月02日

  7. ... confine your comments to the topic in hand. 2.____to our disappointment , we didn't winthe game. (a) A lot (b) Much (c) Very (d...

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  8. No expectations, no disappointments (簡潔有力不囉嗦) 這是美國人最常用的詞, 以下是網路供您參考:

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年10月01日

  9. ... it dry Nothing in motion, and i m satisfied No disappointment , until i wake up Don t want to wake up Into clear space Vivid...

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