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  1. ... disappointing 主詞是事物 例:The movie is disappointing . 這部電影令人失望. 其他相同的還有:excited...embrassing)、interested(interesting) 那 英文 報紙,你去各大便利超商大概就可以看到了吧!所以...

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  2. sorry ,i let you down. 2010-08-19 19:06:47 補充: I'm sorry. I made you disappoint with me. 也行

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  3. 唱歌對嘴就是 lip sync 心灰意冷還可以說someone's faith is fading

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  4. ...表示主動 pp...表示被動 4. 像[Bill left school.] [he was very disappointed by his test score.] 為什麼 改成分詞構句會變成-Bill left school very...

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  5. I know you're very disappointed . 我知道你非常的失望。 I tried to reflect...是瀏覽網站。 2008-09-16 21:09:36 補充: 你寫的這些 英文 大概是這樣子的翻譯,不過感覺上有點怪,請問能不能...

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  6. ...希望你能不讓我失望。 I hoped that you can not let me be disappointed .〈希望你可以不讓我失望〉 2. 你的選擇。 Your choice.〈你的選擇...

  7. ...男生 Actually, he is a fat and ugly boy. She is so disappointed .

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  8. 我想應該是中文翻 英文 吧?You really disappointed me a lot!  I regret being so nice to cheap people like you!  ...

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  9. 我们是彼此失望的一部分 英文 怎麼說? We are each other disappointed part 希望對你有幫助^^ 2010-05-25 19:09:49 補充: 是我翻錯嗎?0.0

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  10. ...of 204, could learn with interest and happiness. Though you were always disappointed by our term examinations, you never give up on us. Best...

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