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  1. inspector 是指警長或督察,而 detective 則指是私家偵探,兩者是不同工作方式的, inspector 督察有執法權力,有檢查身份証...調查,屬私人性質. 所以權力方面當然是inspector 督察的執法能力高啦. 但另一方面, detective 私家偵探需沒有任何執法權力,但是尤於是私人性質,自己是老闆,相對地位當然比...

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  2. Detective is a person on the police force who investigates criminal orillicit activity... letters to the police was actually cracked by an amateur detective . Some detective names:-Dick, Hawkshaw, Shamus...

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  3. ...inside the books. Agatha Christie is the most famous detective novel writer in the world.

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  5. It have all Detective Conan's song~~~

  6. 我只有線上睇的...希望你不會介意啦~~

  7. 我有一個網站係可以睇柯南英文漫畫 容後補充

  8. 你係唔話這首?? 叫「キミがいれば(メイン・テーマ ヴォーカルバージョン)」 主唱:伊織 有個譯法叫有我在

  9. 1) 英文名: Detective Conan: The 3) 英文名: Detective Conan: The Last Wizard...

  10. You can go to goole to type the name of the songs. Youtube have.I have seen just tommorrow!