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  1. 05:06-05:09 くそー , ボートで追って来たんのか 可惡的 , 用小船追過來的嗎 07:35-07:37 くそー!! 可惡的!! 你是想知道 くそー 是甚麼?

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  2. (是下載的~) have movie song too~ i don't have 樂譜. sorry~

  3. 在線 名侦探柯南( Detective _Conan)(最新487集连载中) http://www.cartoon8...名侦探柯南-目标是小五郎!少年侦探团秘密调查( Detective _Conan_ova5)(1集全)

  4. 個結局係搵到"空"手之後,...因為蘭話相信柯南會help矖所有人,之後就jump去個cliff度,蘭同個"空"手一起葬命game over...但係柯南無法去整停火車...多得弘樹唔認心的提點,最後所有人都無事...(e出係我最中意既柯南劇場...!超好睇~不過我唔係好識點講,你都係自己睇啦~) e...


  6. Sherlock Holmes Detective - 福爾摩斯 Sherlock Holmes is.... He is arguably the most famous fictional detective ever created, and is one of the best...

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  7. ... Littlemore is one of the newest and youngest detectives in the New York City Police Department...

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  8. 神探 (Mad Detective ) 上映時間:1:40 3:30 12:30 14:20 16:10 17:55 19:50 21:50 23:50 神探 (...

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  9. a detective was asked to search for traces of trinity. when he found her, he discovered the secret of Matrix, too. the story is filled with the american atmosphere of the 1930s chicargo detective movies.