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  1. ...4m)(5 - x) 2009-02-26 22:56:01 補充: So 3x = 4(5 - x) For more details in turning force, pls. visit:

  2. You mean seperating south and north poles? You can't. If you cut a piece of magnet into half, the 2 pieces will turn into south and north. And, please explain more details .

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  3. ...埋唔突出. 提議你兩種不同選擇: 1. 如果你去既地方比較grand, 可以著吊帶one piece 既黑色吊帶裙 (有 detail 的), 因為你身型較高, 可以carry到, 加對有color既high heel shoes, 包無錯...

  4. 我應該有這個譜, 但要找一找, 我不想賣這個原譜, 影印給你可以嗎 ?? 2009-10-31 17:19:13 補充: 我找到了,

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  5. 1. to magnify the image of small objects, such taht details of them can be observed. 2. objeective (the lens pointing to your slide), eye piece (the lens pointing to your eye(s). 3. colorless. therefore, most oftenly...

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  6. 如果你有彈開 應該好快上手 執 details 唔使好耐架唶 練一年果D係咪從頭開始呀? 揀返balance programme 38-43分鐘之內完成 咁就掂

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  7. ...the ice pieces is minimal. The ice pieces are thus not easily visible when viewed by... may refer to the following web-page for detailed explanation of the experiment:

  8. ...palace board features, which restrict the movement of some pieces . Besides China and areas with significant... also a popular pastime in Vietnam. For detail , pls. click

  9. Without goinf into details of the complex mathematical formulation for a forced oscillation, it is ...

  10. ...係有揸腰效果o既,唔使驚著佐會顯得肥,當然,深色系d效果會好d。 著one piece 的裙襯牛仔褲都幾好,同樣,搵d線條簡單d o既。 若喜歡著T,只有襯...