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  1. sexy, desirable , luscious這幾個字都有性感的意思。 a beautiful woman , a beauty, a pretty woman, a fair woman, a belle 這些表示美女的意思。 不過我比較傾向於sexy beauty。 縮寫的話嗎就SB吧。 你可以參考看看吧。

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  2. ...pleasure 10.cultivate 11.resemble 12.spoil 14.consumed 15.complex 16. desirable 17.association 18.geographical 19.exposure 20.nutritious II 1.dug in

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  3. ...they decide that further discussions with Lima's accountant may be desirable .One area of particular concern is the inventory account, which has...

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  4. 用字典察看看 YAHOO翻譯

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  5. 1.C(want that+子句(主詞+動詞)) 2.A(belong to an ....) 3.C(which is caused = caused<過去分詞-表被動>--由..導致而成) 4.B(with regard to 特定用法) 5.D(fascinating) 6.A(because of + 名詞 = 由於.. ) 7.D(great...

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