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  1. ...type of consumer to which they are made available. According to the U.S. Department of Treasury guidelines issued in 2001, "Subprime borrowers...

  2. ... ( of course the amount of money). Therefore...people don't distinguish the difference between them...11:58:50 補充: " Treasury Invoice"...with Treasury department or (2)for all the business...

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  3. .... In a simple way, The United States Department of Treasury determines the rates of a particular product.

  4. .... (秘書) secretariat: a permanent administrative office or department , especially a governmental one. (秘書處) 最大的不一樣是: secretary...事務的單位. 是一個機關. [ treated as sing. or pl. ] the staff working in a secretariat. 把這個名詞也可以當成...

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  5. ...補充: 參考資料: 2009-10-13 15:02:35 補充: 參考資料:【U.S. Department of State】

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  6. "增加的風險存在, 未批准的用戶能... 要求用戶身分和然後使用身分對敏感納稅人或銀行秘密行動資料能夠存取," 報告認為。最近事件也陷X乎暴露了高度機密資訊在美國公民50 萬□案由資料經紀ChoicePoint 和LexisNexis, 蘆葦Elsevier 分裂贍養...

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  7. 2月19日,他們通知國家財政部:大使被授命去告知大統帥"除非且直到建設性政策被採用,我們必須深思改變支持FA-PI的政策是否是個致命的錯誤,中國目前的狀況是難以有效地監管的,我們懷疑這樣的建設政策能否控制住匯率問題" 這最後的說法顯示不久將採取固定匯率...

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  8. ... Management Department in XXX Company... as Officer in Treasury of YYY company and be completed in the first half of 2018...

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  9. 確實是詐騙集團的信件啦...害我也花了一點時間在看故事... 不用再post後半段了

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  10. ... the law suit to take back all of the National Treasuries which were lost from” The U.S. department of Justice said.

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