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  1. I have delivered the goods to the company on eight o'clock this morning. 2015-03-15 10:05:32 補充: I have completed the delivery of goods to various companies on about eight o'clock this morning.

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  2. ... by a customer No double entry is needed because the goods are still not delivered to the customer and also no money is involved in this transaction.

  3. ...people say, as you have just finished that action: (optional) I have just delivered the goods to the companies. But Article Wrong (Missing...

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  4. in understanding our business partner’s concerns to deliver the most market ready product to the consumers’ satisfaction.

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  5. ... is send it by sending a ship or aircraft, they send goods by aircraft; And we also have a dealer has not delivered to you, we now have to pay to send the plane costs. Therefore all costs required by ...

  6. ... building? 3) 今個星期五, 下午13:00-1800 方便收貨嗎? If we deliver the goods this Friday, between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., is that convenient for you...

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  7. ... 15 , Mr Chan has approved that payment for the delivered goods can be made in May.

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  8. 早上好!每一個!今天我想說一些關於人們在得益於網路購物?網上商店比零售店不同於零售店便宜得多,沒有付房租或到商店直接相關的其他公用事業費用,可以節省更多的錢。例如一一項運到消費者可能會經歷許多經銷商造成物品價格的上漲,部分線上商店將從工廠運送到消費者,降低...

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  9. 1. yes 2. of course but probably capped by liquidated damages 3. call the police Find a good lawyer at

  1. deliver the goods 相關