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  1. 妳好: Defiant as I am ! Defiant 有大膽,愛挑戰,目空一切的意思. 2008-01-04 11:44:28 補充: 唸時 am要加重語氣 寫時可用大寫(AM)表達更強烈的意思!

  2. ...嚴厲制裁了。 The hope is that if persons emerge from prison less defiant than they do now,這樣做的目的是希望服刑完畢出獄的再生人, 不再像舊制度出獄...

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  3. 圖片參考: defiant /ncisidtd.JPG which do you want

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  4. ...classroom, they face uncertain singers, inaccurate singers, and uninterested or defiant singers, as well as eager children who sing with appropriate head tone and...

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  5. ...成績差到留級好幾次。He was known in school to be violent and defiant , with questionable characters. His grades were so poor...

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  6. 那你可以試試看 Unyielding Dragon (不屈服的; 堅挺的) Defiant Dragon (挑戰的; 大膽的) Our Dragon (我們的龍 取同音)

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  7. ...coronal-brain-2.jpg 縱切面 http:// defiant

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  8. ... against women. Some may have been resentful enough to become defiant . "Women have had no voice in the canon law, the catechisms...

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  9. ...長上無禮、冒犯、不敬的那種 noncompliant→偏偏不願順從上意、非常硬頸的 defiant →跨越社會規範、反抗到底、蔑視一切禮節 discourteous→從社會儀節角度來看...

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  10. ... all So paint it black and take it back Lets shout it loud and clear Defiant to the end we hear the call To carry on We'll carry on, And...

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