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  1. I deem that you are really a gentle young man. I am confident that the opposit...

  2. I deem it is absolutely necessary. To the contrary, however, in order to make sure of it, I would rather hardly prefer you to request the office of the dean of study of National Taiwan University to make sure of it.

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2011年10月29日

  3. I deem it depends on whether do you fond of him or not. As to what do you questioned with respect to whether both of you can be able to maintain good feeling or not depends upon both of you.

  4. I deem that it depend on how do you fond best. As the matter of fact, every one has its own interesting. I would rather harly prefer to to selest which do you fond of bes by your own.

  5. I deem Mr. Ma is not qualify to be a President of ...

    分類:政治與政府 > 政治 2011年06月12日

  6. I deem that it doesn't matter what astronomy she was. So far as I know, the same astronomy doesn't indicate the same characteristic the relatives are.

  7. I deem what do you questioned absolutely belongs to professional skill. I, therefore, hardly prefer you to request the relative professional store paticularly you are familiar with for appropriate suggestion.

  8. I deem it is a good idea. You can write a letter to express your sincere...

  9. I deem that it is just a good news for those who eagerly looking forward to seek for the person to clean the houses and factories at lowest charge.

  10. I deem in case yours score of basic test can be able to reached to 230, you are possibly be able to admit into the relative school without any sauspect.

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2012年05月30日