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  1. ... the hole. 最後他們決定調查這個洞 Finally they have decided to investigate this hole. 我們要勇敢的克服自己的恐懼 We have to bravely conquer...

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2013年01月09日

  2. .... Luckily, after seeing the future, Volturi decided to leave rather than declaire the war.

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2014年02月10日

  3. ...escape this world. When he suffer a series of supernatural affairses, and decide to cooperate, at any cost look for the equanimity of the mind.

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2005年12月25日

  4. that you were born and the angels got together And decided to create a dream come true So they sprinkled moon dust in ...

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2007年09月04日

  5. ...tough school to get into. Chowder:Yeah, I got in but decided not to go. Jenny:It's a girl's school. Chowder...

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  6. ... robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind. 按我參考資料連結還有很免費的劇本PDF檔

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  7. ...not what loves you 而非受制於你所愛 That's what I decided long time ago 我很久以前就這麼決定了

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2008年11月03日

  8. ... up with male genitals, additionally. So shehas to decide if she wants to life as boy or girl. Her father, whoalways...

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  9. ... do all who live to see such times,that isn't for them to decide ,all we have to decide is what to do with the time that's given to...

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  10. ...部片就是..韓國男星李浣和日本女星真木陽子演的 自殺人生 Veronika Decides to Die 圖片參考:

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