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  1. cub 是專指哺乳類動物的幼兒/中文用字"崽"(音"仔") 所以Panda cub 是指未成年的"小"大熊貓或大熊貓崽。

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  2. I don't have Chinese on my computer, sorry. Actually, Rockhopper is everywhere. The ship is here. If not, no Rockhopper. Everywhere mean that in every world, there's only one Rockhopper...

  3. ...brown bears.[14] A female panda may have 2-3 cubs in a lifetime, on average. Growth is slow and... and wrestling with them. The cubs are able to eat small quantities of bamboo...

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  4. Lion cub Note: Single word " CUB " means any young animals. Therefore; 幼獅 have to indicated "lion cub ."

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  5. ...return their nests, the mother wolves hurry back to their cubs to milk them. 中譯: 在天色入黑和雀鳥歸巢之前,狼媽媽迅速趕回牠們...

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  6. The lion cub wasn’t nearly old enough to look after itself, but there it was all alone...作用是連接及回應句子前部份。句子是由兩個子句 (clause) 組成:The lion cub wasn’t nearly old enough to look after itself 及 there it was all alone...

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  7. 昨日 Cub 仔集會, 我用左呢個軟件, 將團長一幅相, 放大自動以 36 幅 Poster 印出, 最大可以玩到 100 呎 * 100 呎, 相當好玩. 列印亦相當快, 值得推薦 Poster 7.9w

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  8. The plot begins with Tarka as a cub growing up in a den with his mother and siblings. As...

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  9. cria ,kit, cub ,pup,larva 等... 呢度有個網 ..仲有好多 睇下岩吾岩`

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  10. ...jungle every day (should be two words). One day, he found a lion cub in a cave. (What was the cub like at that time? Only big...

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