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  1. ...2006-11-25 02:40:00 補充: 名越進講錯少少, crowding out effect 係 fiscal policy 先有. govt 洗多D...13:01:50 補充: 你可以見monetary policy 係無 crowding out 過任何野. 2006-11-25 13:04:07 補充: 我...

  2. answer is a. It is because when government spends too much, private sector has no opportunity to spend. That is why it is called crowding out .

  3. Stand out from the crowd = Be different from and better than ordinary people e.g. You have to do things exceptionally well to stand out from the crowd .

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  4. slightly out of the crowd personality = a personality that slightly stands out from the crowd 有稍微在人群中脫穎而出的個性 2011-04-20 13:35:28 補充: 有稍為出眾的個性

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  5. 1) stick out [phrasal verb] - to be very easy to notice, 即是好容易被認出來的意思。 eg. She certainly sticks out in a crowd . 2) stick out on a picture - 在相片中, 好容易就被認出來了。

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  6. ...考慮番MPC 的因素, 有可能削弱左個 乘數效應。 下半題, 我估佢想你答 crowding out effect. 政府消費有機會要同私人firm爭用社會資源, 就會bid up market interest rate...

  7. ...21:36:25 補充: Dr Luk said extra beds were crowding out wards and lining corridors. "We are fast...

  8. ...39; multiplier[1/(1-c+ ct)], IS curve will shift to the right, but there will be crowding - out effect. Whatever, Y will increase to eliminate the recession.

  9. ...係來自對經濟的期望(expectation) 而非interest rate. 但為了減低"排擠效果( crowding out )", 政府可以fiscal policy 同 monetary policy 一起使用.

  10. ...half an hour. 5. Press into the rice slice after coming out of steamer, crowd out through the machine aperture, become the rice bean noodles of a silk silk. 6...

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