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  1. "Let me see," croaked Nick."There might be a way for...snake might be a good thing for us," he croaked . 到了晚上, 尼克似乎有所決定的低聲地跟他朋友...

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  2. croaking like a frog all the time

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年05月28日

  3. ... 鼠叫 Trumpet 象叫 Whinny 馬嘶 Bee hum 蜂鳴 Croak (蛙、鴉等的)呱呱叫聲 下面這邊是從

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  4. ...! You cannot speak, but kiss me in my ● croak ●! ﹝CARLOTTA﹞ Poor fool, he makes me laugh - ...

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  5. ...and the rain stopped; a beautiful rainbow bridge was formed. " Croak croak beautiful" " Croak croak ...come see quick ..." " Croak ...

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  6. ...a week during their mating season. When they are not croaking , the chance for thosefrogs to be eaten by predators will be...

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  7. 1. crickets--chirp frogs croak they go ribbit ribbit bee--buzz birds chirp they tweet twee chicks go peep...

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  8. ... he does is to sit in the water with the other frogs, and croak . He can be no companion to any human being." But the frog when...

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  9. 青蛙叫聲應該可以用這個" croak " 通常這都是音譯沒有說很絕對的標準 有時也會因地而異 至於大象的似乎很少聽到

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  10. 狗: woof 貓: meow, purr 獅虎: roar 青蛙: croak 豬: oink, grunt 鳥: tweet, cheep 公雞: cock-a-doodle-doo 牛: moo 羊: baa 夠了嗎? ㄏㄏ

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年07月01日