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  1. ' Critical thinking is a way of deciding whether a claim...) this can further let them think objectively and critically For example, a documentary about the WWII: question...

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  2. critical writing = 評論式寫作  Critical writing starts with critical thinking. A critical writer must have his own thoughts and...

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  3. ... Reading with Active Critical Thinking Auther: Janet Critical -Thinking/dp/0534264727 這本書應該比較合適...

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  4. Critical Period Hypothesis: 語言學習關鍵期假說 The ' Critical Period Hypothesis' was introduced by linguist...innate, language-specific abilities that facilitate and constrain language learning. 2007-10-05 20:10:05 補充: Chomsky is one of the proponents of the Critical Period Hypothesis.

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  5. Critical management 應是極權統治,你可以到以下網址參考 Critical ...

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  6. Critical success factor 譯為 「成功的關鍵因素」(或翻成「關鍵的成功因素」)指一些...

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  7. critical practice = 批判性實踐 Critical Practice in Social Work = 社會工作中的批判性實踐 參考資料 以上僅供版主參考。還請版上前賢不吝批評指教。謝謝!

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  8. critical thinking 是批判思考 critical reading是批判性閱讀

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  9. 臨界質量(原子物理)  質量=體積*密度    m=V*d  M=V*D 密度定義(D):物體內含物質的疏密程度  參考 或

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  10. = = 這應該是有人要你寫看完中世紀(電影文學作品)之後的讀後感吧? 翻譯 : 請舉例,在哪些方面鋼威爵士有所 弱點與缺失。 試說明他是如何對於服從騎士紀律以及他對此所產生的矛盾情緒? 在中古世紀使用魔法造成對中古世紀人民所產生的影響有甚麼...

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