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  1. ...現金,而是選擇將存款匯至其他金融機構,則稱為a silent run。 Banking cousins 是指其他類似的金融商品。 A money-market fund(貨幣市場基金)是一種投資...

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  2. 這 是 中文 和英文文法規則上的差異造成你這種"錯覺" 而這個差異 是... love her. 疑問句就變成do you love her? 然而在 中文 中 則無這種疑問句必須倒裝的文法規則 疑問句的基本情況 就是加個...

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  3. 每天我都在等你的信﹐我仍在等我表妹回信看她是否能教我 中文 。 或許下回我們再相見時﹐我可以抱著你聊一整天。 我會帶你去山上俯瞰整個城市的景色特別是夜晚。 希望我能盡快地見到你和你在一起。

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  4. On last Friday, my cousin katherine came back to accompany me to play from the... very excited oh, because I see my cousin also therein, I run the side of her body her...

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  5. ...媽。" 3.(強調前面的語句)不但如此,而且 He cursed his cousin , yes, and beat him. 他咒罵他表弟,不但如此,還打了他。

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  6. ... to Taipei train station to pick my cousin up. The station was so crowded! If... ve had such a great time with my cousin (during his visit); I hope he can come visit again...

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  7. Last Sunday, my cousin has gone back to U.S.A., he is in the...

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  8. ...tree. 4。你表妹正在做什麼呢? What's your cousin doing?

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  9. ...must go to bed very late,because I usually play cards with my cousin all night.I hope that I could have so lively night every year.

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  10. ...s I m gonna win big Choose not a life of imitation Distant cousin of the reservation Defunkt the pistol that you pay for This punk the...

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