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  1. ...further, searching for its dream. I will be like the seagull, courageous and determined. 這裡有兩個地方需要解釋一下. 1. It ...

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  2. I have always been courageous to face all the problems on my own and I always will. 這句中文會變成: 我一直都是獨自勇敢的面對所有問題,未來也會是如此。

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  3. 猛將傳Biography of courageous generals 2005-06-13 05:57:26 補充: halex is it!

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  4. Although the main character of the letter is very smart, courageous and intelligent employment of the crew, but is not intimate friends can listen...

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  5. 1..堅持到底 1..Persist in the end 2..永不放棄 2..Never give up 3...勇敢 3... Courageous 4...堅定 4...Firm 希望你能滿意喔~~

  6. Neil [次常用字] 中世紀英國 尼爾 (男子名) "the courageous one" 勇敢的人; "chief" 領袖; "champion" 奪得錦標者,冠 軍 Niel, Neal(愛爾蘭)

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年08月08日

  7. ...相反是誠實 (Honest - 也有正直之意) 膽小相反是勇敢 (Brave 或 courageous - 以及有膽量的意思) 再者, deceive 是動詞喔... Honest 和 Brave...

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  8. ...態度。 I reckon the main female character (actress), Josie, was really courageous . She had demonstrated the quality of true courage to have...

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  9. ...勇氣來自我的母親Mycourage comes from my mother.Iam courageous because of my mother.Mymom gives me courage (and strength...

  10. fascinating Adventurous intresting appealing Courageous Friendship Mysterious

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