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  1. 你獨自在沙漠中旅遊,勇氣真是可嘉! It s very courageous of you to go traveling in a desert alone. 他真有勇氣,攀上了這巨石的頂端。 He is so courageous that he climbed to the top of this huge rock.

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  2. 勇氣 Courageous .2011 ◎譯  名 勇氣 ◎片  名...觀眾的腦子裏。 2013-08-26 22:19:32 補充: 勇氣之名 / Courageous 2013-08-26 22:22:16 補充: 福音影片推薦《珍愛生命...

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  3. The county of Kent. It was courageous of her to oppose her boss. she is my cousin. for you^^

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  4. The Madonna is courageous of wear outside the underwear, and have the body of seducing...the fan really gets a certain liberation in her courageous image on the certain degree, the epigone is certainly also...

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  5. Table is a countable noun, and money is an uncountable noun.We lived in the country for more than ten years.It was courageous of her to challenge the managing director s decision.

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  6. He is courageous to admit the mistakes he has made.= When he makes a mistake, he has the courage to admit it.= He has the courage of admitting making mistakes.

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  7. 錯錯錯,全都錯!不是"甚少人..."而是: 要是你注意到"the"的使用的話,你就會翻成: 那個人會有...的勇氣是罕見的.

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  8. countable 形容詞 可計算的;可數的 名詞 可數的東西 【語】可數名詞 county 名詞 【美】郡(次於州的行政區) 【英】郡(最大的地方行政區) 形容詞 郡的 courageous 形容詞 英勇的,勇敢的 例: a courageous action 英勇的行動

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  9. ... is called a gentle giant He is known, a courageous man In this kingdom, full of the innocents He is the...

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  10. ... 主詞補語: amazing 3)The girl was amazingly courageous . 句型二: S + Vi + SC 主詞: The girl 動詞...

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