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  1. contribution benefit fund: a pension is an arrangement to provide people with an income when they are no longer ...of defined benefit plan .... In the United States, the legal definition of a defined contribution ... career average formula: alternative term is benefit plan:Most common type of pension plan in which an employer...

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  2. contribution margin用在菜單的設計上,意思是「邊際貢獻率」,簡單來說就是指菜單上的價格減去實際成本所獲利的程度。

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  3. 建議翻成: 退修金撥付明細 Contribution 是指公司撥入員工退休金帳戶的錢。

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  4. 醫療保險的保費 ..

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  5. Contribution of Tamm–Horsfall protein to virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in urinary tract infection Tamm-Horsfall氏醣蛋白對尿道感染綠膿桿菌的貢獻

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  6. ... : Variable Cost - 28,000 Contribution - 42,000 Less : Fixed Cost... : Fixed Cost - $40,000 Contribution - $110,000 Contribution /unit = $120 - $80...

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  7. There are many contributions that superior marketing management has...-transcendence). I believe the greatest contribution of superior marketing management is to help...

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  8. 邊際貢獻:總銷售收入減去總變動成本後之金額,指會隨著銷售收入增加而使利潤成長的部分。邊際貢獻率:總邊際貢獻除以總銷售收入。收入–變動成本–固定成本=營業利益 (售價x產出單位之銷量)–(單位變動成本x產出單位之銷量)–固定成本=營業利益產出單位...

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  9. Is the above salary inclusive of any employer provision of statutory provident contribution ? 中文翻譯: 以上的薪資金額是否已包含僱主依法應提撥的公積金金額? 說明...

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  10. ... to doing everything I can to making a positive contribution to mary's education! --> I am committed to do everything...

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