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  1. ...invoice ( customs will then require us to show contract ) 請把發票放到包裹裡面,但是,不要寫成「商業發票... :samples of no commercial value, and put overall price around USD 10 for customs purpose. 就在發票...

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  2. have agreed to pay for B公司 s promised deposit (10% of contract s total price ) to XX銀行

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  3. Anixter may set off against the price (including any applicable VAT payable) any amounts due from the Supplier whether under the applicable contract of sale or otherwise.Anixter公司得對此價格扣除來自供應商任何金額的應付款...

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  4. ...the cost increase in hardship. Thus we shall have to make an adequate adjustment of price for the next contract ; however, the same price will be maintained on the current contract .

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  5. Please refer to the attached contract for the updated price list When all the review is complete, I will put it on the computer c groove!

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  6. ... $499 (8GB), $599 (16GB), or $699 (32GB) (All prices are in USD without contract ).

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  7. 將英文翻譯為中文(繁體)13.3.3任何事件發生在10.1.1至10.1.2; 那麼,供應商應立即交付浦〜chasefrr EE收費等圖紙, 圖案,規格等信息都需要由買方(和它 尚不自己的),使其能夠生產備件的商品。買方 應有權保留這種材料等時間是必要的行使 買方的權利,並根據這一條款,如果...

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  8. ...動詞, 重復了 2. Which company had the lowest bidding price for this construction contract ? 3. I was busy last week. was 已經說明是過去式了, busy...

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  9. 10.配銷通路 5.現金交流 其他的我再查查看

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  10. 供應商同意在合約到期之前,在第七條中闡明的產品價格需維持其競爭力. 在合約到期之前,A需要提出別家供應商所提供在價錢上具有競爭力的證據,如果其他家供應商提供的價錢是比合約上簽訂的價錢還要便宜,且能提供一樣的供貨條件,維持一樣的供貨品質,則A需要將這家廠商...

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