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  1. Continuous light → 指的應該是連續光譜的光 (如 日光)discontinuous light → 指的是不連續光譜的光 (如 螢光燈)

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  2. 1. continuous -time or discrete-time. (a) Electrical currents on a printed circuit board; continuous -time (b) a printed photograph; discrete-time (c) the number of ...

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  3. ºC (25ºC to 1000C) ASTM-C539Maximum Continuous Use Temperature1800ºC Thermal Shock ...

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  4. ...這樣 有前後文的話比較可以知道這篇在講些什麼 另外continue是繼續的意思..動詞 continuous 才是形容詞...兩個意思有差

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  5. 連續光譜 Continuous spectrum 單一光譜 Single spectrum 吸收光譜 Absorb the spectrum 明線光譜 Bright-line spectrum

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  6. Firstly , we note that f(x)=tanx is continuous at x = 0 , that is lim x->0 tanx= 0= f(0). 圖片參考: 2008-03-08 12:38:09 補充: 同時亦po於我的blog.

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  7. 跟空污有關可能是" Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems"(持續廢氣監視系統...

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  8. S1 - Continuous duty. The motor works at a constant load for enough time to reach temperature...

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  9. ... Switching display 連續焰火狀排列型(CPA)顯示面板; Continuous Pinwheel Alignment display 軸對稱排列微胞型(ASM)顯示...

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