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  1. ...quot;) (2)My parents was pleased by the result of the contest .(Reported Speech singular no." was")

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  2. Contest SI Power and maneuverability  圖片參考:

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  3. Ox says the contest : "Sure, please sing - --Why, why do not you sing? " Mouse... ride on your neck, sing the song, you hear. Ox says the contest : "It is all right to walk! " Contest mouse: : ...

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  4. 圖片參考:http:// contest花不但好看,也是一道可口的野菜喔! 圖片參考:http:// contest

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  5. ... to the English Dictionary contest . I m very glad to see all of you. I believe that... Contest ! Please do not be nervous! Let s enjoy the contest as if it s just a game. We ve prepared a...

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  6. 圖片參考: contest /water/02/02jpg/f_2266630_1.gif 您好!! 提供給您下方資料.相信這樣的分析絕對夠...了! 點擊 圖片參考: contest /water/02/02_1_1.gif / contest /water/02/02_1.htm 圖片參考:

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  7. 圖片參考: contest /water/02/02jpg/f_2266630_1.gif 您好!! 提供給您下方資料.相信...礦場廢水及垃圾滲出水等。 圖片參考: contest /water/02/02_1_1.jpg 水污染造成了地下水、海洋 、河川、水庫...

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  8. ...不對,但我聽的是這樣! 例行單人對打:Following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making... match.(後面一樣) 硬蕊戰(hardcore):Following contest is a hardcore match. With there are no...

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  9. 2. The most unforgettable moment. 我個人建議你選 3 或 1 如果你是一個想像力豐富的人這兩個題目比較好發揮 因為1跟3都是屬於還未發生的事情而2屬於回憶型的作文

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  10. http:// contest堰塞湖 堰塞湖的形成是由於河川的河道...潭便是堰塞湖。另外火山爆發,熔岩流出而造成的火山堰塞湖也是一種。 http:// contest 由於堰塞湖是由土石流阻塞河道的關係...

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