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  1. 「好運的抽得時鐘,歹運的抽得龍眼」,人家是抽綠卡抽中。。。你剛好被抽中這個。。。 Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) 就是調查學生及觀光客的建檔。。。 這個只是美國政府想要更瞭解所抽檢的這位學生(想知道關於外國...

  2. ... the scholarship. Therefore, you need to read each one in order to consider if you qualify or not.

  3. ...up paying the tax for the host country (the U.S. is always considered as home country).

  4. ..., and at least half an hour away from Downtown. It is considered as far.

  5. ...outside the U.S., as going outside the U.S. is considering you abandon the application.

  6. ...almost less than average" GPA, why top-ranked programs have to consider your application?

  7. ... or ACT scores and personal eassy. So are you considered as a visiting student or international student?

  8. ...on the school. If the school basically admits each person (for-profit), then consider the qualification rubbish.

  9. ... of any change in my circumstances. Thank you for considering my visa application. (名字及護照號碼,簽證申請序號等簡單資料) Name...

  10. ...student achievement AND have at least 40 percent of its students considered economically disadvantaged. ★GREATEST GAINS: Schools...