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  1. ... to + Non account of + Nas a consequence of + Nin consequence of + N以上這些是只能夠接受詞(名詞)的! 2006-09-03 15:20:22 補充: in that 在 用法 上若說有不同於becaue的地方,在於in that引導副詞子句只能置於主要子句之後(for...

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  2. ...由於 = as the result of; because of; by reason of; by virtue of; in virtue of; due to; in consequence of; on account of; owing to; thanks to Usage: due to, ...

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  3.; accordingly: If traffic is heavy, then allow extra time.6. As a consequence ; therefore: The case, then, is closed. then當名詞用: That...

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  4. ...也列有then當conj.的說明及例句: 1. for that reason; as a consequence ; accordingly 2. in that case: I will then, since you ...56 補充: 非常同意小南的意見,語言是會演進的.有些 用法 過久了會消失,不斷有些新的 用法 會出現.

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  5. ...或形容詞;兩個音節以下的單字則+est形成最高級.在此處 The most( ) consequence ,需要的不是動詞,所以不選a和b,而c和d 選項都是分詞,在這裡我們用現在分詞...

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  6. 還是有略微不同的 result比outcome來得正式 例如檢驗報告是Testing Result(s) 正式文書不會說"Testing Outcome" 另外還有一個字也可湊個熱鬧: consequence 這也是結果的一種, 專指負面的, 稱為後果.

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  7. ... you a feeling if don't do it then face the consequence ) Not to talk so loud. (the sentence is kind to suggest, no command ...

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  8. ... que...(總而言之...)Ainsi, je conlus que這兩個字都是副詞, 用法 上要以全文及句子本身的意義(邏輯)來運用或閱讀.

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  9. ... who made a mistake would always ask somebody else to take the the consequence . 吧?

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  10. would是will的過去式,我可是第一次聽到。 其實would跟will 用法 相同,只是意思有些不同。 以你的例子 : would have serious consequences (很)可能會有嚴重後果 ;will have serious consequences 會有嚴重後果隱涵...

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