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  1. We can neither confirm nor deny in this regard. 在這點上,我們無法證實也無法否認。 in this regard 是... nor B 是「A 也不行,B 也不行」,這裡指既不能 confirm (證實)也不能 deny(否認)。 整句用更簡單的說法就是「無從評論」。 2014...

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  2. 印尼證實又多三起禽流感死亡案例,當政府盡力設法解決人類感染病例問題(用spike代表問題不易解決又棘手)時。 Vocabulary 生字 1、bird flu:a serious illness that affects birds;禽流感 2、grapple with:to try hard to find a solution to a problem;與……搏鬥,盡力解決 2...

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  3. once在這裡應該是 "一旦", "等到....的時候" 的意思. 這一句應翻譯為: 一旦我們拿到許可, 我們會跟你確認.

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  4. We confirm with the factory that parts and product 1 were placed the same box, therefore, the factory separated them. Please confirm again for us. Sorry to cause your inconvenience.

  5. 出發前會用電話跟你確認:We will confirm with you by phone before departure.departure: n. 離開;出發,起程用We因為若是以公司某職員的身份告知對方, 則用we.若是個人確保一定會電話聯絡此人, 才用I.

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  6. are receiving my emails. could you reply please to confirm you understand. thanks 嗨:夥伴,我儘可能的幫你查最便宜的寄件方式...

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  7. Beneficiary’s certificate confirming their acceptance or non-acceptance of the amendments issued under...

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  8. ...及辦公室內。 2009-01-29 16:24:22 補充: 建議原文修訂後 翻譯 如下: The relics such as the close and open sign plates used for confirming train operation between two stations, the uniform and resume...

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  9. He confirmed that a request has been made for evaluation by the World...

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  10. 1. Please confirm the color of bulk s/off, which been made according to paper color, is acceptable. 2. Please confirm your approval for samples provided.

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