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  1. ...comparable; however, Option C is again marginally cheaper. 5. Concerning transport to and from the centres, there is a significant difference between... ...

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  2. Concerned with natural phenomena and philosophy. 賀姓名題詩通用:- 灶權對舞珍珠樹 月嬋雙棲玳瑁樑.

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2018年03月03日

  3. ...when our body was born. As far as earth surface area being concerned, water occupies over 70% and provides living necessities...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2018年02月23日

  4. ... should be trained well and be guided clearly with the work concerned, so that they can achieved with professional level. Thank you!

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2017年11月21日

  5. 這句的文法結構; My concern - 主詞 is - 動詞 (that) you're not getting enough work done. - 名詞子句 在句子裡 當作 主詞捕語

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2017年06月30日

  6. Dear Editor, ---Re:-A travel passenger was removed from United Flight on 8am April 9th by police guards. ---Our hearts are simply broken at the news.How ...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2017年05月03日

  7. Having to change the word forms, we've:- Q1:-orbitting planet (adj/n.) Q2:-has concerned (v) Q3:-galaxy twinkling (adj/v.) Q4:-solar (adj) cell;of the ...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2015年11月06日

  8. (1) pleased (2) excited (3) interesting (4) exciting (5) bored (6) positive (7) negative (attitude - positive / negative) (8) pessimistic (9) ...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2015年08月24日

  9. ...government should (monitor) the progress of land reclamation. 4. Students are all (concerned) about the examination results. 5. We have to (reduce) ...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2015年08月22日