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  1. ...中翻英還是英翻中? 中文句子是" 英文 式中文",而 英文 句子又有用法錯誤 這樣不知道應該校正哪邊 2015-06-11... me! (very 不太常用) I can not comprehend →I do not understand ( comprehend 有點像理解貫通某種...

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  2. 含義甚深或含義甚廣:Profound meaning例句:But who can comprehend the profound meaning of the voice of the city.但有誰能領悟到這個城市深層的內涵呢?

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  3. ... may be a very important/vital course, but it is rather difficult and hard to comprehend for me, especially the relative clauses. 2. They seem to be easy...

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  4. Passes along with the time, the hero equally will also die with the average person, will vanish slowly in people's memory. But we are also living. We can not but comprehend , discovery, expression

  5. ...喜歡妳! 但妳卻不了解! "I adore you! Nevertheless, you never comprehend me!"adore=  [ 圖片參考:

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  6. ..., I often encounter difficulties in comprehending the texts. For this reason, my goal...歲,就讀於XXX 高中,我喜歡讀刺激又有趣的 英文 小說,但是因為我 英文 不太好,我常常在理解故事上...

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  7. ... round and . dreams in ways yet I cannot comprehend temporarily. As I challenge my difficult situation: I will find...

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  8. ...tent . The best thing is to be 20. 【(1)clarified (2) comprehended 】 the symptoms of anthrax disease and to go to a doctor quickly if you ...

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  9. ...輕視: My logic could have been way too tough for you to comprehend . It clearly indicated that "Void, with or without your...

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  10. ...and the message that the related knowledge dilution become and can let the customer comprehend .

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