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  1. ... bottle of dilemma finds out a bottle of cover The life of comprehending yields unusually brilliant results 可以試試 the haze from ...

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  2. ... memory and I got beating very often. Now, I comprehend why my mother always beat me,because I was a pixie...

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  3. 含義甚深或含義甚廣:Profound meaning例句:But who can comprehend the profound meaning of the voice of the city.但有誰能領悟到這個城市深層的內涵呢?

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年06月10日

  4. ... born in Taipei.  For some reason which I don t quite comprehend I moved to Changhwa 3 years ago.  Then...

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  5. ...ldquo;領悟” 與 “體會” 呢? 除了 understand 與 learn 還有哪些? realize comprehend taste 3. "心得" 與 "感想" 除了 thoughts 還有那些...

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  6. idea=.= 2.prove? 3.accommodated 適應 4.aggresive 有侵略性的  5. comprehend  理解 6.spectators 觀眾 7.disturb 打擾 8.resemble 相像 9.attach...

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  7. Skip the word that you don t understand first, then try to comprehend the meaning by reading through the whole sentence. Hope that helps! : )

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  8. ..., you then appreciate how strong booze can ever be; Devoted, you hence comprehend how deep love can ever be.

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  9. ...喜歡妳! 但妳卻不了解! "I adore you! Nevertheless, you never comprehend me!"adore=  [ 圖片參考:

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  10. ..., use simple English is better for them to comprehend . personal opinion~

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