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  1. 1). 您需要寄貴司的公司營業登記證或其他任何證件影本. 2). 您需準備一份訂貨估價單, 包含所有150萬件掛鎖供應量.並且在估價單上需詳細註明貨櫃內貨品的價格及包裝明細. 2010-02-26 08:59:22 補充: 關於proforma invoice請參考下列連結.有高手回答過.

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  2. ... stick or altered. (Iii) ※ the bar such as change of registration date, document number, document number, do not write. (Iv) breach of company law for money led to the company 's capital is not true, companies ...

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  3. 你可以到奇摩的段落翻譯這裡翻譯喔

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  4. ...’s Passport or I.D. and Home registration with Certify of Authorized Directors as of Company Affidavit 公司負責人護照ID頁影本,以及其 在...

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  5. ...also need to provide any relevant documents ; 1.2 yachts ... for U.S. companies ; 1.3 All .... 2. to complete registration : 2.1 The annual maintenance...

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  6. ...a photocopy of the required documents that are seen and ...address, occupation, telephone number & registration number (if applicable) of the...court. 法院法官 •A finance company officer with five or more years...

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  7. By this power of attorney (name of the company ) you fill in the name of your company represented...person will have too much power to act for you or your company . For example: acting on the basis of ...

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  1. company registration document 相關