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  1. 連外國人都很稱讚她 1. Even foreigners have positive commend on her. 2. Even foreigners think that she is great. 3. Even foreigners believe that she is excellent.

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  2. commend =all&ssid=s5-e&search_type=item&atype=&tracelog=&sourceId=tb.index&rt=1365054089040&source=haiwaigou&pid=mm_14507416_2297358_8935934&unid= (引用網路資源)

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  3.,z3cl5x55ju----------------40-- commend -0-all-0.htm?at_topsearch=1好像沒看過你要的款式,不過大陸的淘寶網的價格及樣式應該更實惠吧,

  4. 這裡買的到陳星的專輯 commend =all&q=%EA%90%D0%C7%B5%C4%8C%A3%DD%8B&source=search1 不然去唱片行訂貨也可以

  5. I will check it again when that issue of lost "ABC" commend be solve. commend →comment be solve→ is solved(事情不會自己解決,而是被解決,所以要用被動式) 有問題歡迎補充發問

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  6. 你可上淘寶上看看,有符合的可以幫忙代購!!! commend =all&ssid=s5-e&search_type=item&atype=&filterFineness=

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  7. ...飲料都是現搖的 很棒! Commend /c1_ Commend .asp?SItemId=1111030&ProgramNo=...

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  8. commend .aspx 這是官網門市資訊,你要不要直接去官網的申訴留言專區詢問?

  9. 金笛資料社 圖片參考: commend .gif

  10. ...遊戲資訊! <script src=" commend .asp?gid=越南大戰 III|3|射擊對戰|617|3/3.115|65"><...

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