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  1. come off it 1. 別騙我了;別裝蒜了; 別胡扯了 例句: A: I m so sorry that I ate the last cookie. 對不起,我把最後一塊餅乾吃掉了。 B: Come off it! You did that on purpose! 別騙我了,你是故意的! 2. 住口...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年06月20日

  2. ...people start to argue or fight in a more serious way. ('The gloves come off ' and 'take the gloves off ' are also used. It...

  3. " coming off caffeine" come off :脫離, 脫離咖啡因(存留於體內)的情況. "hyper-...

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  4. Come off it! 少來這一套! Oh, come off it! You can t expect me to believe that nonsense! 喔,少來這一套!別以為我會相信這些胡說八道!

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年12月15日

  5. 就是說: 你顯得很黏人; 依賴別人, 的意思 come off : 顯得 cling[y]: 黏

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  6. get off 是下車的意思 相反的是get on 還有如果比較小型的車子用get in come off 基本上沒有下車的意思 脫離 A button has come off your coat...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年12月31日

  7. To describe "掉漆" in English, you can use: chip off , rub off , come off , peel off , flake off , wipe off , scrap off , scratch off ... which one to use depends...

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  8. come or go off work; be off duty; knock off : 你什麼時候下班? When do you come off duty?; What time do you knock off ? 她已經下班了。 She is off duty now. 下班後我們一起去看電影。 Let s go to the cinema together after work

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  9. where the wheels can come off the wagon 就是輪子可以離開馬車啦 come off 這裡應該是有"離開"的地方 輪子可以休息啦 就向退休的人一樣 不用工作了

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  10. The paint came off as the result of "exposure" to the rain. 譯:這油漆因受雨淋而剝落了...

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