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  1. 在棺材上敲上一根釘子=>給予致命一擊。 2011-06-25 01:04:48 補充: 訂正: 給予沈重的一擊。 Thanks to rjamesho 大師. 2011-06-25 22:51:17 補充: 另外,致命一擊:the final (last) nail in the coffin 。

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  2. Cause: " Coffin " original"the chicken liver plank", because...repast in Tainan. Special features: Coffin is what, have never eaten of the person often...

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  3. Board of coffin disregarding The delicious food that the stand south becomes famous... and pans occurred, and became the board of a delicious coffin disregarding.

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  4. 把他/她的棺材釘上最後一跟釘子. 斷送他/她的意思. 另外種講法就是 finish him/her off. 有結束, 了斷的意思. 希望有幫助!

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  5. Coffin (棺材) Board(板) It may sound frightening, but it is a very popular snack in Taiwan. It is made of a slice of hollow toast, filled with vegetable and stew meat.

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  6. 棺材 The Coffin 上映日期:2008-08-21〈晚場起〉 類  型:恐怖、懸疑/...

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  7. 你說的是這種吧 " Coffin Case" 以下是B.C.RICH品牌的 圖片參考:http...

  8. ..., we have a lot of tasty snacks in Tainan, for example: coffin plates, noodle, oyster omelets, etc. and the like, a lot of very tasty...

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  9. 棺槨 ( Coffin ) 棺槨不只是為了保護木乃伊,它是墓室的縮影,也可以作死者的替身。  棺木...

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  10. 棺材板: Coffin bread (這種翻譯是由幾個英文網站查到的名稱,不是台灣人自己翻譯的喔!! 譬如說...

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