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  1. ... real The Veritas Project is their code name --but only a handful of people know teens Elijah and Elisha...

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  2. ... bank SWIFT CODE IBAN Code RECIPIENTS ============== Name (in English)

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  3. ... for missing persons. The code used by the serial killer in his letters... by an amateur detective. Some detective names :-Dick, Hawkshaw, Shamus, ...

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  4. ... and Canadian troops would assault the areas code - named "Gold", "Juno", and "...

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  5. ...such as C: File.ext), UNC (universal naming convention, such as Server Volume .... ACP stands for "ANSI Code Page", which is somewhat of a misnomer...

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  6. ...代號)(Account Name , Account Number, Bank Name , Bank Address: Bank Code :) 及連同你的回應.(alongside your response)

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  7. ...very easy, providing they have your ID NO., your name code NO. But cannot be checked unless you were...

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  8. ...: Name of your school hall Date: time: Dress Code : RSVP - (student name of your organizer)

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  9. 我已預備好為所以物件付款請給我它們的總額.我會透過銀行轉帳去付款.請提供你的資料給我作即時付款: 戶口名稱,戶口號碼,銀行名,銀行地址,銀行代號. 等待你的回覆

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  10. User name : guest pass code : 在以下欄內「○♪◆」(半字位英數字,注音式) 從前在某角落一些狂熱者...

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