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  1. ...的Plan你在請教你們ㄉNSP 或PA 吧?~^^ 因為 我沒用過..... Close observation 密切觀察 Check coma scale 檢查 格拉斯哥氏昏迷量表 coma scale ...

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  2. ... to relate the lesson to your daily life. Please make some close observations and give your own examples concerningEQ. IF you reconsider...

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  3. year : 80 Plan to do: 要做的: 1.admission routine 1.准許的例行活動 2. close observation 2.密切觀察 3.supportive psychotherapy 3. 支援的精神療法, 心理療法 4.psychosocial...

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  4. ...)安排心臟超音波(後面應該是醫院的檢查代碼) IV fluid supplement with close observation 靜脈點滴補充並密切觀察 Control blood pressure level控制血壓 Conservative...

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  5. ...the object s or event s full and rich description.  This description may come from close observation and/or careful interviewing techniques.            The...

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  6. 1.住院常規(每個剛住院病患都會有的檢查及規定) 2.首先施以保守(傳統)治療 3.密切觀察

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  7. (初步診斷) *慢性阻塞性肺病併急性惡化. *高血壓性心血管疾病. *雙側下肢水腫 (處置與治療計畫) 生化檢查, 尿液分析 安排胸部超音波 安排心臟超音波(譯註: "1800 5B+1800 7B" 可能是醫院的醫囑代號) 靜脈輸液補充並密切觀察 控制血壓 保守治療並密切觀察

  8. ...conservative treatment,firstly先採保守姑息療法(減少病人痛苦,或維持病人生命) 3. Close   observation 密切觀察

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  9. ... c difficile, she needs to stay in the isolation room for infection control. close observation . (she needs to be quarantined)

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  10. ...and all kinds of information on Mary. 5. After a month of close observation , Andy decided to express how he felt to Mary. 6...

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