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  1. ....  你去過觀光的地方 The conversations with two senior clerks exchanging news, feelings and thoughts A&...

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  2. The clerk at the drugstore gave me back the wrong(adi.) change(n.). ←← “wrong...

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  3. As referring to the request of client, it is dealt with by the customer's service division but we don't receive any information about that on hand;and would like to suggest its clerical clerks to confirm it. Yip

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2017年07月28日

  4. 1. 如果店員跟顧客說thank you ,顧客可以回答not at all (就是小事一樁的意思)這是最恰當的用法喔 2.第一個比較好喔 希望有幫到你,我目前在美國留學,英文還算不錯

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  5. Finance. I have been working part-time as a payroll clerk for the last two years. Mike: What are you ...

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  6. ...the tracking number. Please tell the number to the clerk of the post office and you can get your letter.

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  7. ..., it'll be great if you have a Chinese-speaking clerk around. Thanks. Best regards, Xxxx Xxxx 註...

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  8. (1)A:-It was awful, (meaning an awful experience ; very bad.) (2)D:-Every two days. (3)B:-The fitting room is over there. (4)C:-Yes,sir. Right this way. (5)A:-I'll take it.

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  9. HI你好~我是銘豪 介紹一個很棒的網路賺錢給你!! 我自己已加入到現在,MIS已經幫我賺進了好幾萬了 投資報酬率真的很棒~超過我當初預期的^^←附上我的收入證明 我只能說真的是很棒的賺錢方法 比起之前我投資的基金,股票~MIS是讓...

  10. ...再來1塊錢剛好湊足5塊錢。 對話A Sales Clerk : Can I help you? 店員:需要幫忙嗎? ...顧客:您好!我要找8歲小男生的玩具。 Sales Clerk : Does he have a video gamesconsole? 店員:玩電動嗎...

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