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  1. ... destructuring, in the recognition that there could be circumstances when a cloning of NATO, a ...情勢可能會發生. 寫成單句: There could be circumstances . In these circumstances , a ...

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  2. Treatment should be for a minimum of 6 months for osteoarticular involvement, extending to perhaps 18 months under certain circumstances . 對於波及骨骼關節的情況,治療至少要六個月以上,在某些狀況下可能要十八個月。

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  3. 1 Under no circumstance ___be left on 1 do the switch 2 must the switch 順便問一下翻譯 The switch...

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  4. ... to go out alone in the middle of the night. 答案是Under no circumstances 它的文法是啥? 本句是倒裝句,介系詞片語under no circumstances 不能...

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  5. I believe it is important to remind ourselves of the purpose of these occasions, which gives meaning to the ceremonial symbolism and the circumstance . 我相信提醒自己這些典禮的目的是很重要的 藉此賦予這些儀式象徵性和真實的意義

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  6. March's family have four girls, although the family circumstances are impoverished, but they are maintaining positive energetic...

  7. The good circumstances don t last long. 或是 Good fortune won t last forever. 比較常用的是第二句 就是再講好運總有一天會結束 不是每一次都這麼幸運的 參考用典: 遠東漢英大辭典 第29頁 好景不常

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  8. ...第一曲有點類似 .) 原曲名 : Elgar, Edward : POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE n.1 Op.39 n.1 Military March 又稱曲名 : Land...

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  9. by no means(決不)=never =under no circumstances =on no account =in no way =in no case =under no consideration =on no condition =on no terms =in no circumstances 喔, 好了, 較常用的只有前3個

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  10. to) feel comfortable with the current situation. 4. (able to) feel at ease under all circumstances 5. (able to) bring oneself to accept the current situation. 6. (able to) feel...

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