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  1. PACO,也就是Peculiar ability chivalrous organization的縮寫,由特異能力者所聚集的騎士組織,中譯為「異俠」。有需要的話可以到小說頻道上去看

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  2. ... deep thinkers, 酉雞   Dog loyalty, 戌狗   Pig chivalrous . 亥豬

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  3. ...mannered 同義參見: bland agreeable smooth accomplished accommodating chivalrous aristocratic ceremonious accessible courtly amicable amiable 反義: a.有禮貌的;斯文的;上流...

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  4. ...clever 猴Rooster deep thinkers 雞 Dog loyalty 狗Pig chivalrous 豬 參考資料

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  5. ...clever 猴Rooster deep thinkers 雞 Dog loyalty 狗Pig chivalrous

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  6. 1.持之以恆 →to persevere in 2.精益求精 →excelsior 3.迎向挑戰→ Meet it to the challenge 4.堅毅 →backbone 5.積極進取→ Keep forging ahead actively 應該是: Optimistic to keep forging ahead 6.王者風範→kingly chivalrous .

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  7. ...puppet movie八家將 Eight-clansman generals           雲州大儒俠 Chivalrous swordsman from Yuan Dsitrict八重櫻 Double-flowered...

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  8. ... to the outside world, a famous one snake Hubei end little to fly chivalrous Peter statue Pan most, the statue fountain and statue in the north include...

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  9. ...story, it s better to just check up on pinkmonkey Characters - knight- chivalrous - brave/ truth/ courtesy, fought in lots of battles, Christian...

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  10. them back. 只愛上同樣會愛她們的男人。 Let men be chivalrous by having them pick them up for dates, choose ...

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