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  1. the center of the busy station. Shanghainese is likes to chat up with people, whisper, and spread rumors, is one of the characteristics...

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  2. to flirt - 把妹; 調情 to chat up - 搭訕; 調情 to pick up - 把馬子 2007-03-09 17:23:55 補充: to dally with someone 調情

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年03月12日

  3. ... pride about women; ------about private or secret affairs etc. ------ Chatting somebody up ------a friendly informal conversation.

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  4. how to make a fix I could tell you that I like you I could chat up with your mother too

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  5. ... she can enjoy life abroad for further studies with the English on chatting up on people to their Nation! ------Please teach her to...

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  6. ... all kinds of ball games, studying English and chatting up with beauties(用chicks太口語~小妞的意思~有輕蔑的感覺). ...

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2006年01月03日

  7. 以下意思都近似於搭訕,但要看你比較喜歡用哪一個 我大概用中文解釋一下 1. chat sb. up 過去"聊天" 2. pick sb. up "釣"美眉/凱子 2. hit on sb. 找人家搭訕 3. flirt with sb. 已經有調情的意思了

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  8. ...不過ut到是去過幾次! 2009-03-22 19:59:44 補充: 剛搜尋了一下查到有以下三個 up 聊天室你進入網址看看吧! chat / chat .asp?122257365 chat / chat / chat .asp?up122257365...

  9. ... about the product to friends, 包含與朋友交談時..談論及該產品 chatting up salespeople at retail outlets 與推銷員咨商有關零售銷路, or emailing influential...

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  10. ...39;re always welcome, to our bsb as well as to our humble home, for chit- chats , catch- ups , and anything else we might be able to make you happy with. 請記住我們的BSB...

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