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  1. ...兩岸-Between Taiwan and China OR cross-strait 包機- Charter Flight 直航- Direct flight 兩岸包機直航-Direct charter ...

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  2. ... for damages and for all other amounts due under this Charter party including costs of recovering same. 原句子重組...

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  3. ...=Information Technology 企業內部資訊人員 CA= Chartered Accountant 會計(有證照的) CEO=Chief Executive...

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  4. ...某某港卸貨」或類似對運貨船舶、其他運輸方式或卸貨港並不確定的字樣。 4. CHARTER PARTY BILL OF LADING. 包船提單

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  5. As per the Olympic Games and matters pertaining to the Olympic qualification places, the Olympic Charter shall prevail. 根據奧運會及奧運資格賽名額的相關事宜,必須符合奧林匹克憲章。

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  6. 1. charter flight 2. World Tourism Organization

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  7. 創校董事 chartered board members

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  8. ...the rate of which is agreed in advance , payable by the shipowner to the charterer ,shipper or receiver, 承租人、托運人或受貨人,應付給船東金額的比率是事先商定...

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  9. 首先,這是一封詐騙的 email, 不用理會! 他假借銀行軟體升級,然後要你確認私人資料及信用卡號碼,當然你不是 Charter One Bank的存戶. 它給你的連結連按都不要按,不用理它,直接送垃圾桶.

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  10. 1. limited to our products2. except for Charter business3. except for the control4. automatic control design of high and low voltage ...

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