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  1. 他可修理船隻以供航行租用。 charter 當不可屬名詞時,指租借飛機、船隻等。 the hiring of a plane, boat, etc. 例句:a yacht available for charter 一艘可供租用的遊艇 参考参考囉

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  2. CONSECUTIVE VOYAGE CHARTER ,連續航次租船 即洽租連續完成幾個單航次或幾個往返航次的租船。 proforma charter party 租约格式 Freight futures 運費期貨

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  3. ..., are generally governed by statutes and charters . 同樣的事物 再以關係代名詞來取代 就呈現出原句 The pre-1992 ...

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  4. 1.Embrakation 搭乘 vest 救生筏 3. charter flight 私人承租航線 4.flight stewardess 空服員 5.departure time 出發時間 6.water evacuation 水面疏散 7.Quarantine 檢疫 8.vaccination certificate 疫苗接種證明 9.time zone 時區 10.hi-jack 劫機

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  5. 首先,這是一封詐騙的 email, 不用理會! 他假借銀行軟體升級,然後要你確認私人資料及信用卡號碼,當然你不是 Charter One Bank的存戶. 它給你的連結連按都不要按,不用理它,直接送垃圾桶.

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  6. Co-insurance and waivers of subrogation against the Charterer and other parties as specified in Box 6 shall be given...

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  7. ... Centre,Singapore 169877. 通知銀行: STANDARD CHARTERED BANK

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  8. ...join them? Smith replyed, : "no, I want always and prefer to charter steering a yacht for on holidays." ( charter a yacht 租用一條游艇...

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  9. The audit committee shall act pursuant to a formal charter adopted by the board. The audit committee reviews, with our...

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  10. ... for damages and for all other amounts due under this Charter party including costs of recovering same. 原句子重組...

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