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  1. The English words have 26 characters , how many characters didn't that have ET to be left over?? ...

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  2. ...quot;. 2. The story is about how Simba (the leading character ) overcame all the tests and difficulties (obstacles...

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  3. 1 Responses within 15 Chinese characters are regarded as a disgrace. 2 Perfunctory responses...

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  4. 這要看上下文, 還有語詞的使用範園為何?才能決定怎麼 翻譯 .. 我會翻譯成"特色商標"

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  5. 1. I have a temperate character and get along with others easily. 2. The reason why I choose the...

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  6. ...只要你努力你就會成功. 這3題的造句能夠給我範例和 翻譯 嗎? 1.What is the title of a famous legend...傳奇故事書名事什麼?) 2.Who are the main characters in the legend? (有誰是這傳奇故事裡的主角?) 3....

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  7. 人物介紹( Characters ) 書名(Book Title)

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  8. 推薦您這個網站 是介紹中國詩選~還有發音歐~很方便外國人學習 點進去你要的詩 下方有個traditional characters 點進去~就可以轉繁體中文

  9. ...거운 캐릭터, 스트레스 받았다 分解來看 무거운 沈重 캐릭터( character ),外來語. 性格,人格,特點,特性。角色 스트레스(stress) 外來語. 精神壓力...

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  10. Let s welcome our leading actors.( characters )

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