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  1. text = text book = 課本 text 在美國各級學校 都是 課本的 縮寫 2010-04-26 02:56:02 補充: Yes, 教授講課只是複述指定課本上所寫的內容!

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  2. ... abbreviation is a shortened form of a word. Abbreviations are often used in informal writing. Ex: Mon. for Monday Sept. for September ch. for chapter

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  3. ... and thistles will grow (to make you suffer) 這其實是很典型的聖經 英文 。我覺得你不用特別去學它,因為現在常見到的例子大概就只有聖經了。 這些...

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  4. ... to rock bottom. I then bought a book on grammar, I read a chapter each night and memorized 30 words a day. I never learnt...

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  5. ..., Fla., and a member of HFMA's Florida Chapter . 是位於奧蘭多,佛羅里達州的Connexrtion公司行政部門副總裁和集團醫療...

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