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  1. 咁首先, 你要將 chapter 1 , chapter 2, 由normal (內文), 改成 heading 1 (標題1) 然後, 返去第一頁, 在 插入 pull down menu , 然後選參照, 再選索引及目錄, 然後再去目錄果個tag, click一下確定, 咁就得架喇.

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  2. 有個軟件叫 AoA DVD Ripper 可以幫你把 DVD 碟內逐個 chapter 取出來。不過試用版只可每次最多取三個 chapter 同埋不超過十分鐘,否則你要俾錢買 full version。

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  3. ...http://www.dvd2svcd. org/ 2007-09-11 19:12:23 補充: 你冇睇個 tutorial ?一個 chapter 嘛即係一首 karaokeexport 果個 chapter 做細 vob file嘛可以一首首獨立播囉vob 就...

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  4. you need to use some chaptering extension like Nero Vision Express to arrange your...

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  5. ...subsequent DVD authoring. Premiere 6.5 even supports the chapter and compression marker features in Apple's MPEG encoder...

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  6. ...6.0 有不錯的查殺病毒能力 三十天試用: chapter =186685140 請不要同時安裝多於一個防毒軟件,否則會對電腦造成傷害。 間諜軟件...

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  7. one go. With this free DVD burner, you can also add DVD chapter menu and DVD title menu with ease.

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  8. ...the desired DVD titles and decide if you want to trim individual chapters . Quality bars show the direct influence of the title and language selection...

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  9. ... such as full-screen video playback controls, easy-to-navigate DVD chapter listings, integrated cover art, and more provided by ...

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  10. ...time. The following tutorial teaches you how to make menu and chapter . http://myweb.hinet.n et/home2/oz6877/ m

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