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  1. Animal Farm Chapter 6 最受注意的, 似乎是以下一句: "No...以下網址, 有 Chapter 6 的簡要分析 (其他 chapters 也有), 相信對你理解此課, 是十分有用的, 若你...

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  2. Chapters 5 to 7 are sometimes called "Sermon on the Mount". We can see that Chapter 5 begins with Jesus and His ...and building a house on a rock takes longer time and harder, but building one on sand is more comfortable but stupid!) Please read all 3 chapters carefully for more details.

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  3. Secret garden summary Chapter 1, "There's No One... bed is not her Ayah... Chapter 2 "Mistress Mary Quite...

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  4. In figure of speech,the manner of speaking of animal=like a man. The personification, similiar to a man as a simile are:- (1)"No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets"=a bed sheet for human beings. (2)"four legs good, two legs bad."...

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  5. 上面個位係錯架 我有個本書,是新板,個cover靚D架 有20 個 chapter , 190頁 我在商務買架 $102 唔信你自己去商務睇下

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  6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone 有17chapter 1. The boy who live 2. The vanishing glass 3. The letters from no one 4. The keeper of the keys 5. Diagon alley 6. The journey from...

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  7. I 've put them into a file and you can download it if you can't see the content. file name:novel_ The Old Man And The Sea.doc 圖片參考:

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  8. Perhaps we can rewrite the paragraph (5 sentences) as follows:Eliza Chevez enjoys singing rounds.She taught her niece and nephew to sing, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

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  9. over, prep:-indicating superiority in rank, authority, etc. eg:-HK reigns over the sci-fi fun of Star Wars already.

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  10. Chapter : (One) Mila came to Jones house and found he...

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