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  1. Chapter 11 is a chapter of the United States...prominently used by corporate entities. In contrast, Chapter 7 governs the process of a liquidation bankruptcy, while Chapter ...

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  2. ... locality, of a society, organization, fraternity, etc.: the Connecticut chapter of the American Red Cross.

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  3. ...在發票上的印章 Stamp, Seal 印章 Invoice 發票不是 chapter , chapter 是章節的章 2009-07-08 17:40:04 補充: receipt chapter 這是台式英語...

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  4. ... of our work for the chemical industry and suggest the future work in Chapter 5. 2. We make the conclusions of our work for teaching...

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  5. You need to change the structure of some of your sentences, a lot of them sound awkward. Also the way the surgeon explained the procedure to her sounded more like it was directed to the reader. If the surgeon is...

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  6. introduction 是介紹 在書的最前面 可以是介紹主要人物或內容 prologue 應該是序 寫此書的來由獲此書的目的吧 chapter 是章節 一本書可以分成好幾個章節 to be continied 是待續的意思 意思是這本書還會有續集

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  7. CHAPTER 1: PETER BREAKS THROUGH 你口以翻:突破的彼得也無傷大雅,畢竟是標題,不然你就照句子順序翻彼得突破囉

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  8. 我女兒喜歡看[冒險][偵探][魔法][懸疑驚悚][惡作劇]之類的 Chapter Books。看完Magic Tree House 和A to Z...

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  9. ... is more likely than not that you will be asked to submit more chapters for review. 你被要求繳交更多文件審核的可能性很大

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  10. Chapter 1 Q1.What were the names of Jane’s...:He asked her if she was a good child or not. Chapter 2 Q1.What was Jane awakened by on her...

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