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  1. Q1 Carbohydrates: starch Q2. Green plants also benefit other organisms by acting as the producer in the food chain which provides food for herbivores. Hope that I can help you^^~

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  2. ..._eCuhwBHQFQ 圖片參考: q =tbn:ANd9GcSGDawSgZzCkR0jvEoUvlvvcm12cPbboh-0l-2oVmNQctgmNZADvg What is the food chain for a panda? It only eats one thing - some kind of bamboo - which is...

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  3. ...) LeucineCCA(Pro/P) ProlineCAA(Gln/ Q ) GlutamineCGA(Arg/R) ArginineCTG(Leu...

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