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  1. ... felt very surprised; because they usually only appear on the cellphone of the network stars. And now I am next to them...

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  2. ... and Anne 是2人, ∴ 用 "are" ] (4) Is (there) a cellphone on the desk?   Yes,(it) is for you. [ 解說:- Is (there) a cellphone ...

  3. ...-EEAA-4965-925C-0E9EB97A3658&utm_campaign= cellphone &utm_medium=referral&

  4. ...簡單式」的action verb所述永遠為真,所以你可以說: I don't use a cellphone on the plane.因為我可以為自己的行為做承諾:過去、現在、未來,我都不會發生...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2017年05月02日

  5. He has fewer and fewer friends because ... Fewer及less 意義相同,用法略有不同。 Fewer 用於可數名詞,例如 : classrooms with fewer students. Less 通常(不是絕對)用於不可數名詞,例如: He...

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  6. Ddddddddddddddd.... No, it isn't!

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  7. ...可以複製問題格式後以寫E-MAIL方式詢問唷!E-MAIL: cellphone,歡迎各位多加利用,謝謝

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  8. ...: 公司名(沒有就別寫) Email: Telephone: +886 xxxxxxxxxxxx cellphone : +866 xxxxxxxxxx

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2015年07月18日

  9. ...解釋為甚麼..這邊需要加句子) Students cheated with their cellphones because teachers aren't paying attentions. If the...

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