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  1. 咁相信你要update你粒flash bios去2.21先吧!! 請到以下網址下載吧!! http:// support

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  2. 在你之問題中已列出你所使用之電腦一切規格,其中Graphics一行標明是使用 Intel 945GZ之內置顯示卡及沒有顯示卡插槽(PCI-e x16 slot not available ) ,故你根本無法加裝任何較高級之顯示卡。

    分類:硬體 > 其他 - 硬體 2010年10月17日

  3. ... will definitely show the full RAM amount you have, it is not affected by the sharing of memory between hardware. 2007-03-24 23:15...

    分類:硬體 > 其他 - 硬體 2007年06月11日

  4. ... X3000's shader supports vertex and pixel Shader ... that the entire chip does not operate the same clock speed. This...'s processing capabilities . Most of the time, the core...

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  5. ... asus one is in fair price(i think) It's not so good for you to use intel because you haven't use it before and you may choose...

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