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  1. your computer may have virus or hacked by other program, i advice you to run some virus scan, online free virus scan try this......

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  2. 簡易簡易! buzz 就是 通信,報導,或是因此而得到的快感 所以你這一句的翻譯一ㄥ該是: 這是你在別處所無法得知的 小道消息 or 這是你在別處所無法得到的 刺激

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  3. 我估計係: made of where? 在哪裡製造 / 產地是哪個國家 side effect like heart and cant breath ma? 有沒有副作用?例如心臟或不能呼吸?

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  4. i cant help u in part 4 2014-05-29 20:12:43 補充: part 5 1.a 2.c 3.a part 6 1.抵達了目的地 2.姐姐日記寫了許多秘密 3.哥哥覺得不舒服 part 7 1.a,d,g 2.c,e,f 3.b,h part 8 1.b 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.b 6.b

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  6. 跟不上進度= cant ' catch up with sth(e.g. the schdule) 反映= to reflect 學習成果= academic result 可能有錯架

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  7. ...which school she is going to? 4. I don’t but I cant ask her. I WILL CALL when I get home tonight...

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  8. 呢句唔係正統英文 根本解唔通 要問返講呢句野果個人 先知佢講咩

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  9. Since I cant paste the whole article, please see the article as the follow link below: http://en.wikipedia...

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  10. somtimes you cant translate straight from chinese to english so i will get the meanning and try to write it in...

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