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  1. Biological washing power might contain lipase for digesting (removing) oil stains on garment. It works similar to that of the "protease digests protein stains" mechanism. but this one is "lipase digests...

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  2. You have to use real player to watch it because the type of file is rm rmvb. The size is smaller, so people like to transfer the video to this type in BT. If you wanna download real player, you can go to this website. Its free of charge.

  3. Atoms in a metal are bound by metallic bond, with the sharing of free electrons among the atoms. As such, metals are good electrical conductors. In shooting an electron beam onto metal, the electrons from...

    分類:科學及數學 > 物理學 2016年10月09日

  4. erase the whole thing(everything in computer),because maybe you download something with virus,or maybe your hard disk is not for computers . 2007-08-19 18:22:25 補充: maybe your computer cannot read that type of hard disk so it can't read!!!!!!!! 2007-08-20 08:00:48 補充...

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  5. 先del msn 後裝windows live msnenger 下載點 裝完後記住add我

    分類:電腦及互聯網 > 軟體 2006年11月27日

  6. 你可以先去MSN Shell的官網 : 之後你可以下載 : 另外有安裝說明 : 如果唔得, 你就可以試下Download 舊"D"既...

    分類:電腦及互聯網 > 軟體 2008年02月23日

  7. first, u must change ur harddisk is bad sector or not! after u just try to install window 98! coz window 98 is using FAT 32 format same with Win ME! If install win 98 also got the error! just check ur mainboard chipset is burn or not! coz when ur mainboard chipset...

    分類:硬體 > 其他 - 硬體 2007年01月14日

  8. It is easy. You can just adjust your radio by fine tuning your radio reception and the frquency will be a little bit different for different district in Hong Kong. Please try it out!

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  9. 佢有6個方向鍵 當佢黎到果陣你要同時禁到喱d鍵 同埋下面果條線有一道光黎到中間就要禁空白 你可以試下開C禁delete制{個人覺得咁易玩d} 好似好難玩 但你玩得多就唔會唔識 初學建議你玩 : Turbo Cyber Lover、浪漫貓